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Malcolm MacLean, Live Music, May 31, 7pm

Malcolm MacLean, Live Music, May 31, 7pm

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Malcolm MacLean first became introduced to the idea of playing music when, in 2010, he headed down to Moore, Oklahoma, to attend horse showing school. His roommate, Rene, another fellow Albertan, happened to know how to play. Malcolm asked if he would teach him, to which Rene replied, “Sure, but you’ll have to get your own guitar.”
Malcolm happened to have a set of fancy silver spurs an ex-girlfriend had given him. Considering he had no attachment to the spurs, he traded them for his first guitar - a low end Takamine.
From that point on, Malcolm began writing his own songs. His music has a western folk flavour representative of his background growing up in Alberta as a working cowboy.

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